About Animation

What is Animation ?

Animation is a visual technique that provides the illusion of motion by displaying a collection of images in rapid sequence. Each image contains a small change, for example a leg moves slightly, or the wheel of a car turns. When the images are viewed rapidly, your eye fills in the details and the illusion of movement is complete.

Today, Animation is not only restricted to just cartoons on television but is also widely employed in films. Animation employs 2 kinds of technologies: 2D and 3D artwork.

Top 5 Reasons why one should go for Career in Animation

With passage of time, Indian students have realized that a Career in Animation can lead to fruitful job opportunities. Listed below are some of the top most reasons why one should definitely consider pursuing this course.

  • Since the amount of animation projects outsourced to India is on a rapid high, the demand for qualified workforce too is on a steady increase.
  • Since the amount of animation projects outsourced to India is on a rapid high, the demand for qualified workforce too is on a steady increase.
  • After gaining a couple of years experience in India, animation artists can always try their luck abroad.
  • Animation domain pays well as animation artists are amongst the highest paid professionals in the industry.
  • Animation artists always have an option of pursuing this domain in both full-time and freelancing mode. Professionals from this domain often get projects with handsome pay.

Career in Animation ?

Over a period of time, Animation has seamlessly proved its caliber in international market. People have realized that this sector too can offer lucrative career options with loads of opportunities. At present, animation alone stands high as a multi-billion dollar industry. Students with imaginative power, visualizing skills and basic knowledge of computer tools can gain enormously from this field.

Since animators are required to be hard working personnel's with meticulous planning and thinking, this domain can be really demanding and scrupulous. The work nature may range from creating a simple flick book to advance computer 3D animation of stories. It is true that animation was mainly dominated by the west for a series of decades but that was history, today, India too has surged high and is proudly showcasing its bundle full of talent thriving to rule animation sector. Besides this, Indian animation artist have even worked on lot of memorable Bollywood & Hollywood movies.

Scope of Animation in India ?

In today's modern world, Animation has boomed high with immense scope and appeal. From cartoons to films and from commercials to phone displays, animation has become the essence of the time. Students willing to make a career in animation always have a pool full of options before them. From entertainment world to gaming industry and from print media to advertising world and websites, an animator never runs short of career options. Moreover, animators can even join textiles and interior designing industry.

At present, there are several animation studios across the country and with time this profession is bound to surge high as a dynamic field.

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