Graphic Web Design & Development (GWDD)


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Graphic Web Design & Development (GWDD)

The Internet is BIG! Very big.

According to the Netcraft Web Server Survey, till January 2015 more than 876,812,666 websites are available on world wide web. Whoa.... :)  Which is increasing day by day.

The world around us is full of ‘rich’, multimedia content. Brands, advertising & design elements surround us everywhere. Whether it is an ad on TV or in the newspaper, a website on the Internet or the logo of a TV channel, all these are elements of multimedia created by a graphics and/ or web designer.

Every company - large & small - needs design specialists who have a good feel for the market. While graphic designers create logos, brand identity, presentations, animation & other rich multimedia content, web designers use design principles to create great, user-friendly websites.

- 10+2 or equivalent
- Any completed degree
- Have Interest in Designing
Art, Science, Commerce - anyone can learn Graphics & Web

16 months, 2 semesters
This course helps students create a ‘Design Portfolio’ & a ‘Web Portfolio’ of their work.

Semester I : Certificate in Graphics & Web Design

Covers the foundation in Web Graphics, Image-editing & Publishing graphics for various industries including print & publishing.
Softwares Taught : Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Flash, Actionscript 3.0

Semester II : Certificate in Web Design & Development

Covers web design, web graphics & interactivity. Students learn to design interactive websites & portals and multimedia presentations with graphics & rich media.
Softwares Taught : HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Javascript, PHP, Drupal

Course highlights

  • Complete Graphic & Web Designing + Development career program.
  • Projects at regular intervals.
  • Includes concept-based modules like Design & Visualization Fundamentals, Concepts of Graphics & Illustration,Concepts of advertising, Concepts of Web Graphics & Animation, Web scripting & Interactivity and more.
  • Learn practical application of tools & software.
  • Seminars & workshops.
  • Specialization in area of interest.
  • Create Portfolio Demo Reel in the area of interest.

* Immense job opportunities are available in the market.
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Students Work

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